Khadijah white


annenberg school for communication

3620 walnut street, ste. 200, philadelphia, pa 19103  

ph (215) 272-0814


Statement of research interests

I am concerned with the negotiation and reification of power (and oppression) in mass media. My broad research interests are the politics of identity and conflict as discussed and portrayed through media representation. Specifically, I am interested in the ways in which both fictional and non-fictional narratives generate, interrogate, and concretize people’s understanding of themselves (and others) and the responses generated by such processes, especially in regards to race and gender. As a student with a focus on culture and communication, my body of research has concentrated on racial rhetoric, symbolism, and intergroup/intragroup identity construction.


2007 - present:  Annenberg School for Communications, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

            Doctoral Student and Fontaine Scholar

            Certificate in Africana Studies

2004 - 2005 Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY

            Pursued MA in Elementary Education 

2004 B.A. Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA                                                                           

Self-designed Major: Social Justice, Double Minor: Black Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies 

2003 NYU in Madrid, Madrid, Spain 



Research Assistant: Racial Conspiracies                                               Aug 2008 - present


I am working with Dr. John Jackson on a video ethnography of Black Philadelphia residents on their beliefs about racism in their communities.


Research Fellow: Bureaucracy and the Public                                                        Jan 2008 – present


I am working with Drs. Elihu Katz and Brenda Danet on a revision of their 1973 anthology on the effects of an increasingly bureaucratic society upon its people and institutions. Currently, I am conducting a review of the literature that has been written about various publics and bureaucracies, and their intersection with new technology, since the time of the book’s initial release.


Research Fellow: Philadelphia Murals                                                               Sept 2007 – Dec 2007


Dr. Carolyn Marvin and I conducted ethnographic field research on murals and community in Philadelphia. Specifically, we were interested in how people recalled and connected to the process of creating their neighborhood mural, and their understanding of how such images reflected and embodied their imagined community and history. 




Teaching Assistant, Africana Studies Summer Institute                                                      July 2008


Media Instructor, WHYY                                                                              Oct 2007 – March 2008

Worked with a group of Philadelphia high school students on creating a documentary about their local community. Created lesson plans and facilitated group discussions.


Guest Lecturer, Hunter College                                                                                      March 2007

Conducted a presentation for students in a History of Broadcasting course. Presentation included discussion on the current state of public television and my work at NOW on PBS.


NYC Teaching Fellow, Public School 219                                                        July 2004 – Aug 2005

Participated in highly selective teaching program. Planned lessons and presentations on a daily basis. Worked with colleagues to create and negotiate curriculum.





Book Contribution

“The Producer Snapshot: Robert Moses,” an essay contributed to “Your America” (Palgrave Macmillan, 2008)            


Journal Contributions

Review of book “Polluted Promises” (2005), in Transforming Anthropology (forthcoming).


Essay contributed to National Association of Black Journalists Journal, Spring 2008



Contributed to National Association of Black Journalists Blog on Senegal/UN trip 2007 at


“Democracy in the Deep South,” contributed to “NOW on PBS” at (Aug 18 2006)


Conference papers/Presentations

Katz, Elihu and White, Khadijah. Electronic Empowerment? On Interacting with Officials and Professionals in the Age of New Media” (2009)

Paper was presented by Elihu Katz at Zeppelin University as part of lecture series on The Media in Knowledge Societies at Friedrichshafen, Germany, March 2, 2009


White, Khadijah. An Africana Studies Movement? Black becoming Africana” (2009)

Paper was presented at the annual National Council for Black Studies conference at Atlanta, GA, March 19 - 21


White, Khadijah. A Marriage of Convenience: Black becoming Africana” (2008)  

Paper was presented at the annual AYA African American Studies Conference at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, April 11-12


Leadership and Service

Fontaine Scholars Coordinating Committee                                                         Spring 2009 - present


Professional Experience

CNN, 2008 Republican National Convention, St. Paul, MN                                  Aug 2008 – Sep 2008


-        Conducted interviews

-        Wrote and reported for

-        Provided support to producers and implemented logistics

-        Moderated website


TALK RADIO NEWS SERVICE, 2008 Democratic National Convention, Denver, CO           Aug 2008


-        Filmed live national radio broadcasts and conducted convention floor interviews with guests such: Spike Lee, Congressman Dennis Kucinich, Al Sharpton, Christine Pelosi, Governor Bill Richardson, Congressman Elijah Cummings, Charlie Rose and Michael Eric Dyson


PBS, WHYY , Philadelphia, PA                                                                                 Jan 2008 – present

Position Title: Freelance Producer


CW 11, Morning News, New York, NY                                                                                     Dec  2007

Position Title: Camera “ Senegal: Sights, Sounds, and Struggles” (airdate 03/07/08).


PBS, NOW with David Brancaccio, New York , NY                                              Dec 2005 – Aug 2007 

Position Title:  Associate Producer


Credits: Producer, Field Producer, Associate Producer, Web Producer, Web Writer and Camera       


Stories covered include an investigation into government secrecy and voter disenfranchisement, healthcare, environmental protection, prison reform and Congressional oversight; interviews with members of Congress, filmmakers, celebrities and journalists.                                                                                                                

-        Successfully pitched stories and provided research to senior management.

-        Wrote and edited scripts for 10-minute segments for air and 5-minute segment for web. Online segment has received over 8,000 views on

-        Located, screened, and selected interview subjects.

-        Directed camera crews, scouted interview locations, and organized logistics.

-        Supplied anchor with research and questions for interviews and conducted interviews.

-        Reported on subjects including school inequality and immigrant workers. 

-        Shot interviews for air using DV camera and sound equipment (one man band).

-        Checked facts to ensure story details are accurate and balanced.

-        Organized, acquired, and maintained footage archive for each show.

-        Wrote and published essay for online audience describing on-the-ground experiences while producing in the field. (Successfully linked to and posted on websites outside of PBS.)

-        Ensured all exclusivity agreements, permissions, and clearances.



PBS, The Charlie Rose Show, New York , NY                                                                               June 2005         

Credit: Camera Assistant


PBS, POV - Public Policy Productions, Inc. , New York , NY                                Sep 2005 - Dec 2005 

Credit: Production Intern

-        Conduct background research for Academy Award winning documentary film company.

-        Worked on forthcoming film “Critical Condition” (2008) on health insurance crisis. Helped create promotional and educational materials, locate characters for film, and log video.    


Founder: Dare to Soar and Saturday Program , Swarthmore College                          Sep 2001 - June 2004

-        Developed service program at local school with over 80 children ages 4-11                                                              

-        Managed complex logistics for the program, including placements, scheduling, transportation, marketing, and payroll

-        Recruited, trained, and supervised over 40 mentors and tutors

-        Developed a cultural curriculum that teaches African-American history and identity


Black Studies Steering Committee, Swarthmore College                                                Oct 2003 - June 2004

            -     Selected to work with faculty to review and organize Black Studies Program


Swarthmore Foundation Board, Swarthmore, PA                                                                 Sep 2003 - June 2004

-        Review and select applicants for funding of student sponsored service projects    


awards and Recognition




                Interviewed President Abdoulaye Wade, Prime Minister , First Lady, Ministers of Senegal, and other officials

     2007 FONTAINE FELLOWSHIP, University of Pennsylvania

     2007 Featured in Swarthmore College Bulletin (March 2007) An alumni magazine

     2006 EMMY NOMINATION: “Payment Due,” NOW with David Brancaccio   



                  Selection based on academic success and focus in civil rights

     2000 SWARTHMORE SCHOLAR, Swarthmore College




     2000 UNITY AWARD IN COMMUNITY SERVICE, Maplewood/ S. Orange Townships, NJ



      Shooting digital video and using sound equipment (one-man band); Research with Lexis-Nexis, Factiva, and other databases; Proficient in Spanish